Own a Pony Day | February 2020

Own a Pony Day at Ryders Farm

Last week saw us enjoy our first Own a Pony Day of 2020 here at Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre. We had a great group of ‘Pony Owners’ and a jam packed day, caring for and having fun with all our horses. Read on to find out what we got up to this Own a Pony Day…

Once everyone had arrived and signed in for their horses, the day began at 9.30am. We started in the classroom to meet and greet everyone and get to know a bit more about everyone. We had a quick group talk to explain what we had planned for the rest of the day and split into our riding groups; the Thoroughbreds, the Shires, the Shetlands and the Cobs. Each group had a staff member as team leader and set off to their first activities for the day.

First to ride were the ‘Cobs’ in the outdoor arena with Jasmine and the ‘Shetlands’ in the indoor arena with Charlotte. Everyone helped each other tack up to ride after a tacking up demonstration to explain the correct way to properly fit the saddle and bridle.

While the first groups rode, the ‘Thoroughbreds’ gave their ponies a lovely pamper session, grooming and washing them up ready to ride. The ‘Shires’ took to the tack room, armed with sponges and saddle soap to get their tack sparkling clean.

Once the first lessons finished, all the groups swapped over for the next ride. The ‘Shires’ rode in the outdoor with Abbey and the ‘Thoroughbreds’ indoors with Connor. All the lessons had so much fun and worked on various things including position, jumping and balance. We really notice all our riders become much braver on their pony for Own a Pony Day and it’s great to watch everyone improve their riding and confidence. 

LUNCH TIME! By this point, everyone is rather hungry and ready for a lunch break to refuel for another busy afternoon. The ponies enjoy their lunch at the same time! We were rather excited for the afternoon as we had organised our very own RFEC in-hand show for all our owners and their ponies for the day. 

After lunch, all the groups were really busy getting their ponies clean and shiny for the competition later that afternoon. Everyone was responsible for making sure their ponies were groomed, their tack was clean and their stable mucked out and tidy. We had different categories for each show, including Best Turned Out, Cleanest Stable and Best Handler. Grooming brushes and equipment was rushed round the yard preparing the horses and their owners for their time to shine. It was a brilliant effort from everyone and the ponies looked beautiful, with some lovely plaits and even accessories to dazzle the judge.

Each group had their own show and took their own pony into the indoor arena to trot their ponies in hand and stand them up for the judging. Connor took on the impossible job as judge and had a very hard time deciding between each pony. Prizes were awarded to each group and it was lovely to have everyone cheering each other on.

We had a great Own a Pony Day and everyone went home with big smiles and some great memories, but not before tucking their ponies in bed and feeding them their tea!

Our next Own a Pony Day will be held on Monday 6th April 2020, bookings will open a month in advance. You can find out more about our Latest Events on our website: http://bit.ly/39pGTYo or Call Us on 01617940058

📍Ryders Farm Equestrian Centre

🗓 Monday 6th April 2020 | 9.30am – 4.00pm

🐴 Bookings will open a month in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment.

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